Everest Horizontal (Open 50)
Originally designed (Antrim Associates) and built for the Vendee Globe, this Open 50 Class monohull went on to compete in the 2002 Around Alone (now called the Velux 5 Oceans Race). It was originally named Everest Horizontal, but subsequentally campaigned as Convergence. Hull, deck, and all interior bulkheads and structure were built of YLA supplied prepreg carbon skins over Baltec’s new SuperLite Balsa core. Outer skin of the hull/deck shell included two layers of S-glass/Kevlar hybrid for impact resistance and crack arrest. Our team also built the prepreg rudder posts, rudder blades, and keel fin weldment. Finally, we vacuum formed the windows, and installed the engine, generator, and water ballast system.

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